County Update – Commissioner Andreozzi

Elko County Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi discussed Regional Transportation Commission developments including expansion of the list of county roads to maintain as well as appropriation of $1.3m to rehabilitate the county road crossing state land that accesses South Fork State Park. The commissioner also described ongoing efforts of a working group formed to consider emergency plans for SR 227, Lamoille Summit, in the event of a road closure necessitated by snow or wildfire. The group is exploring alternate access, chain up areas and better communication with the public as emergencies unfold.

NDOT SR 227 Lamoille Highway surveillance video of February 13, 2019 road closure that stranded commuters on both sides of the summit. The closure lasted about four hours, intermittently, and delayed doctors and nurses from arriving at the hospital and separated parents from children. A county working group is exploring a number of issues related to the emergency including alternate routes between Elko and Spring Creek.

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“Your Public Lands” – Bureau of Land Management Update

(August 7, 2020) – Elko BLM District Manager Gerald Dixon hosted local Fire Prevention specialist Clint Mothershed to talk about expanded fire restrictions on public lands statewide. More than 80-percent of wild land fires so far this year have been human-caused. Hunting season, camping, recreating and any number of public uses enhances the opportunity for an accidental fire start. BLM officials discussed fire prevention, fire resources and the importance of protecting and preserving public lands for multiple

Traditional Elko County Fair 2020 Postponed

(August 7, 2020) Elko County Commissioners hosted public discussion from an Elko County Fair Board representative to discuss the staging of the fair. Fair Board Chairman Tony Buzzetti is featured in this segment as the board listens to the latest developments and concerns as the county responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The archived county commission meeting can be heard in its entirety at the Elko County website The last portion of the program includes discussion on the latest coronavirus numbers.

Elko County Update

(Aiugust 5, 2020) – Elko County Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi provided an update on COVID-19 reaction and reporting. Commissioner Andreozzi serves on the Emergency Response Team and meets weekly with the County Public Health Officer Bryce Putnam. Elko City & County has been notified by the state our region is among four counties with heightened levels of positive cases. The county is also emphasizing reopening and supporting local business while keeping the community

Elko City Update

(August 4, 2020) Elko City Mayor Reece Keener provided an update on Elko City News including the latest on broadband infrastructure improvements, restored air service at the Elko Regional Airport and detailing concerns about proposals to redirect net proceeds of mines

Elko District Court Department #1

Elko District Court Department #1 Judge Nancy Porter and law clerk, Angie Portel, visit in-studio about a variety of local topics. Portel was recently sworn as a member of the Nevada Bar Association after passing the Bar Exam on the first try. Elko judicial officials are getting ready to resume in-person courtroom

Police Chief & Sheriff Update

Elko City Police Chief Tyler Trouten and County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza discussed enforcement issues surrounding an extended closure of non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The pair also underscored the need for support of those with mental illness and emphasized social distancing and good hygiene practices. Chief Trouten urged OHV safety in city limits. Sheriff Narvaiza described efforts to identify a homicide victim from the 1990’s, Shaftner Jane. Broadcast Date: 4-30-2020

Gwen Trice “The Logger’s Daughter” Visits Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Gwen Trice is the Executive Director of the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center in southern Oregon. Maxville, a historic logging town, was one of the most culturally diverse Oregon towns of its time — with black and white southern transplants as well as Greek immigrants and white Oregonians. The story of Maxville details the role blacks played in American logging. The center seeks to preserve the rich history Maxville and other similar communities in the Pacific Northwest. Trice, a guest of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, talks about the center and the idea of “A Place For All People,” as a way to preserve culture and

Great Basin College – Human Services Instructor Oscar Sida

Great Basin College Human Services Program Director Oscar Sida discusses opportunities to earn credentials in substance abuse counseling and related fields with a degree or certificate from GBC. The courses are offered online. Find more information at to include academic and financial

Nevada OTS “Give a Click” Campaign

Nevada Office of Traffic Safety PIO Andrew Bennett was a guest on “Elko, Live!” and discussed a variety of subjects related to safe driving on Nevada highways and roadways. The Zero Fatalities Program is a statewide initiative to preserve driver and pedestrian lives. The goal is to raise awareness and emphasize that most fatal accidents are avoidable. From buckling up to avoiding distractions, it’s also important to slow down and plan ahead in inclement weather. Bennett offered several tips for safe driving during the