Mayor Keener Hosts City Planner Cathy Laughlin

Elko City Mayor Reece Keener hosted Elko City Planner Cathy Laughlin on “Elko, Live,” for an update on construction permits, planned retail and commercial growth as well as Redevelopment Agency projects for the downtown corridor. The pair also discussed the need to adopt 2018 Building Codes as well as an increase in complaints from residents about various code violations including nuisance properties in city neighborhoods.

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NDOW Outdoors Update

NDOW Elko Conservation Educator Joe Doucette discussed boating, fishing and big game hunting tags as well as volunteer projects to rehabilitate fire-damaged landscape and restore water guzzlers. Spring moisture has muddied roads and waters are swift-running. Use care in the back country. Find info online at

GBC President Discusses Funding Cuts

Great Basin College is eyeing restructuring to survive ongoing budget cuts. President Joyce Helens said her team will preserve staff and faculty by enhancing collaboration with UNR and TMCC. Plans for a new welding lab are on hold, hiring is scrutinized and talks continue for a “Mining Center of Excellence” to enhance workforce development. President Helens details impacts of a combined $1.6 million dollar cut administered by the Nevada System of Higher

Sheriff Narvaiza & Chief Reed

Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza and City Police Chief Ben Reed discuss ongoing and emerging topics in local law enforcement in their monthly update on “Elko, Live.” Issues this month include legislative news, courthouse security, flooding concerns and school safety. Officials are also concerned about mental health and suicide rates – there have been 16 suicides in Elko County YTD. Law enforcement encourage students to continue to use the statewide reporting website and mobile app to report information

Boys and Girls Clubs of Elko

Boys and Girls Clubs of Elko Director of Operations Steven Klekas highlighted summer activities to include “Country Under the Stars” coming to the Elko County Fairgrounds June 6th. The Boys and Girls Clubs is an after-school and summer camp program with a mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Tickets are available at or at the club at 782 Country Club

National Weather Service Office – Spring Outlook

National Weather Service Elko forecasters Peter Chan and Clair Ketchum recapped Winter 2018-19, discussed spring weather and a flood outlook, charted the average beginning of the growing season, and offered a very general outlook for Fire Season and a potential summer overview. The weather professionals urged safety and fire prevention and discussed efforts to establish air quality monitoring in the Elko-area. National Weather Service forecasters discussed Ruby Mountain snowpack amounts and the likelihood for flooding as a result of spring warming. Anyone recreating in the back country should be prepared for changing conditions, mud or rock slides in canyon areas, and muddy road conditions throughout the region. Find weather info 24/7 online at the Weather Service website

Elko Mayor Reece Keener

Elko City Mayor Reece Keener hosts a weekly radio show on 95.9 KELK FM. The mayor reviews action taken by the Elko City Council and discusses upcoming and ongoing news and issues of interest to city residents. The mayor frequently hosts guests to include council members and city

GBC Child and Family Center Enrolling 2019-20

Great Basin College Child and Family Center is enrolling preschool youngsters now for the 2019-20 school year. Parents are also encouraged to apply for FREE preschool tuition for children turning 4 by September 30, 2019.  Call 775-753-2224 or online at

City Mayor Redevelopment

Elko City Mayor Reece Keener presides over a recent Redevelopment Advisory Board session during which businesses were recognized for investment. The board also renewed plans for corridor enhancements to include art platforms and benches, landscaping and improved pedestrian access. The faded locomotive in the Centennial Park will be getting fresh paint, decals and a light restoration this summer. Stream Elko city meetings live at:

BLM Team Promotes Fire Awareness

A fire prevention team is touring Nevada in anticipation of wild land fire season. Spring is the time to evaluate your surroundings, practice family evacuation plans to include livestock and pets, and create a defensible space that eliminates ladder fuels and is flame and ember resistant. Find info online at or