NDOW Outdoors Update

NDOW Elko Conservation Educator Joe Doucette discussed boating, fishing and big game hunting tags as well as volunteer projects to rehabilitate fire-damaged landscape and restore water guzzlers. Spring moisture has muddied roads and waters are swift-running. Use care in the back country. Find info online at ndow.org.

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Mayor Keener Hosts City News

Elko City Mayor Reece Keener highlighted the budget, described a 7-million-dollar Water & Sewer Workshop being considered for construction at the City Treatment Plant; and gave an update on Elko Regional Sports Complex construction. Several city topics were discussed in advance of the regular

BLM Travel Management, Sage Grouse Plans, Fire Season

Elko District Bureau of Land Management Public Affairs Officer Greg Deimel and Tuscarora Field Manager Melanie Peterson discuss Charleston Travel Management planning. the Sage Grouse Plan Amendment, outline California Trail Interpretive Center spring programs and promote a May 7th Mining

County Update – Commissioner Andreozzi

Elko County Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi discussed Regional Transportation Commission developments including expansion of the list of county roads to maintain as well as appropriation of $1.3m to rehabilitate the county road crossing state land that accesses South Fork State Park. The commissioner also described ongoing efforts of a working group formed to consider emergency plans for SR 227, Lamoille Summit, in the event of a road closure necessitated by snow or wildfire. The group is exploring alternate access, chain up areas and better communication with the public as emergencies unfold. NDOT SR 227 Lamoille Highway surveillance video of February 13, 2019 road closure that stranded commuters on both sides of the summit. The closure lasted about four hours, intermittently, and delayed doctors and nurses from arriving at the hospital and separated parents from children. A county working group is exploring a number of issues related to the emergency including alternate routes between Elko and Spring

Mayor Keener – Osino Bust and Air Service Bill

Elko City Mayor Reece Keener described the sprawling Osino compound where authorities uncovered a cockfighting operation and recovered nearly 9-pounds of meth, cash and guns. The mayor also talked about lawmaker support for an air service development bill that if approved would connect Elko flights between Reno and Las Vegas. The city is hosting budget talks, launched swimming pool repairs and is getting ready for the region wide Clean Up Green Up day that offers free landfill to

NDOW Outdoors Update with Joe Doucette

Go outdoors with Nevada Department of Wildlife Conservation Educator Joe Doucette to find out about spring conditions, Hunter Ed, a legislative update and the big game

Osino Drug Bust Leads to Cockfighting Operation

Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza and City Police Chief Ben Reed release more information about a huge cockfighting operation agents uncovered after serving a search warrant for drugs at an Osino property. Authorities obtained a court order on Wednesday to euthanize as many as 600 fowl found caged on the three-acre site. Law enforcement describe deplorable conditions including trenches with dead chickens, and evidence of an extensive breeding operation involving hens and roosters shipped from Texas, California and Montana. Agents also seized about 8-pounds of suspected methamphetamine as well as other drugs, cash and stolen guns. Three suspects are in custody as the investigation

Elko Area Chamber Host Elko Sanitation

The Elko Area Chamber promotes local business and charitable organizations. Chamber CEO Billie Crapo hosts Elko Sanitation Manager Jared Martin for a discussion on recycling, Clean Up Green Up, the Home Show & Business Expo and other spring events in

Sheriff Narvaiza – Drugs, Guns & Cockfighting Bust

Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza was a guest of County Commissioner Cliff Eklund. The sheriff outlined preliminary details of a combined narcotics bust that led to discovery of a huge cockfighting compound in Osino. More than 600 roosters and 300 hens were seized, stolen guns recovered as well as trafficking amounts of meth. Authorities are also investigating the discovery of what appears to be raw gold stolen from a northern Elko County mine. Three suspects are jailed. Also on the program: discussion of political support of a resolution naming Elko County a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary,” in opposition to gun control legislation approved by Nevada lawmakers. The resolution was approved unanimously. 2nd Amendment supporters attend the Elko County Commission meeting Wednesday, March 20 opposing gun control. Elko County GOP Chair Lee Hoffman was among the speakers offering support for the resolution favoring Elko County as a “2nd Amendment

City Manager Curtis Calder – Budget Talks 2019-20

  Elko City Manager Curtis Calder said emergency repairs to the Elko City Swimming Pool could top $500k. Higher costs for lighting the Elko Regional Sports Complex, $700k, will be paid from excess sales tax revenue from 2018. Assessed valuation is up in the city with additional new projects on the horizon. Calder discusses finances as the city opens budget talks during a special city council meeting on Tuesday, March 26 at 3 PM at City