School Superintendent Todd Pehrson

Elko County School Superintendent Todd Pehrson discussed legislative issues that could impact local schools, gave an update on the construction of Liberty Peak Elementary in Spring Creek, and responded to concerns about the school district policy that critics say discriminates against transgender students.

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“Your Public Lands” – Greg Deimel Elko District BLM

Elko Bureau of Land Management Public Affairs Officer Greg Deimel talks about local recovery from government shutdown, ongoing projects in wildfire rehab and county commission support of fire prevention efforts via Presidential Executive

Nevada Lt. Governor Kate Marshall

Nevada Lt. Governor Kate Marshall will oversee economic and workforce development as well as tourism for the state. The former state treasurer hosted a retreat in Elko during the 35th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering to allow department staff to experience one of Nevada’s premier tourism events. Marshall discussed several topics on our radio show,”Elko, Live!” in a recorded conversation that aired February 7th. From workforce development and training through Great Basin College to creation of a Small Business Support Center as supported by Governor Steve Sisolak, Marshall said rural Nevada counties have an important role in the health of the economy and tourism in the

Elko County Update – Commissioner Cliff Eklund

Elko County Commissioner Cliff Eklund discusses county support for a Senate Bill sponsored by Nevada Association of Counties to authorize counties with a population of less than 100-thousand to enact a local 5-cent tax on diesel fuel for construction and maintenance of county roads. The proposal is estimated to generate some $1.9-million for Elko County, and if SB48 gains legislative support, would amount to about $8.2-million total for rural counties. Also on “Elko Live,” the commissioner discusses county support for a presidential executive order to reduce fuel loads on public lands through livestock grazing. The resolution calls for nearly two-million suspended AUM’s to be reinstated on allotments administered by the BLM. President Trump signed the order on December 21, 2018. County commissioners are also expected to signal reluctant support for creating a third Elko District Court. AB 43 will be introduced in the 2019 Nevada legislative session. According to Eklund, the county concern is with covering the estimated $400,000 cost to hire support staff for the new judicial

Mayor Reece Keener & Elko Utilities Director Ryan Limberg

The City of Elko is considering entering a lawsuit over water rights. The council will consider the proposal during the February 12 meeting beginning at 4 PM. “On August 12, 2015, Pershing County Water Conservation District (PCWCD), which is principally composed of agricultural interests owning water rights in the Lovelock area, filed a petition in the 11th Judicial District Court (Pershing County) asking the court to require the State Engineer to make a number of decisions potentially having significant adverse impacts on water rights throughout the Humboldt River Basin. If the court grants the relief requested by PCWCD, curtailment of ground water pumping could be required in the Elko Segment of the Humboldt River Basin. This and other matters before the court could significantly hamper the City’s ability to utilize its water rights, with consequential impacts on growth and economic development. Both Newmont and Barrick have filed motions to intervene. Staff believes that the City of Elko is an interested and affected party in this matter and has an interest in the outcome of the PCWCD litigation in Pershing County. By intervening in the litigation, the City of Elko would have the opportunity to protect its water rights through the legal

Hal Cannon – Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Western Folklife Center co-founder Hal Cannon recalls the first National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. The Gathering attracts thousands of artists and visitors to the area in late January and early February.  Sitting down with Lori Gilbert, Cannon talked about the future of the 35-year-old event. The historic Pioneer Hotel at 5th and Railroad is headquarters for the Western Folklife Center and home to the Weigand Gallery, G Three Bar Theatre and year-round gift shop. National Cowboy Poetry Gathering co-founder Hal Cannon (left) is a musician with the 3 Hat Trio. The group performed during the 35th Gathering at the Elko Conference