GBC Vice President Alleges Battery

(Elko) – The Elko County District Attorney’s office is reviewing possible misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident at Great Basin College in which an administrator alleges a disagreement over leave time turned physical. GBC Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sonja Brown, claims she was shoved by Vice President for Business Affairs, Sonja Sibert, during a confrontation in Berg Hall. Brown claims a conversation in Sibert’s office became hostile and that Sibert, a longtime GBC administrator, became “violent and angry,” before allegedly pushing Brown by her shoulders. Sibert told police she touched Brown on her shoulder to “guide” her out of the office after telling her, “multiple times,” to leave. There were no injuries reported, and no arrest was made. Elko Police were called to the campus on Feb. 8th, just after 2 pm, on a report of a battery.

The information in this report came from official documents obtained from the Elko County District Attorney’s office.

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