Mental Health Stigmas

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Health and Wellness With Your Diet

Join host Lori Gilbert as she explores one of the most important parts of health and wellness; your diet. With her is dietitian Courtney Nelivka who is an expert on diet, nutrition, and exercise. Courtney also has a class at GBC which is mentioned in this program.

Mental Health and Fitness

Join Lori Gilbert as she discusses Mental Health and fitness and Wellness with power couple Mindy and Jeff Watson!

Discussing and Understanding the Transgender Community

Join host Lori Gilbert as she discusses issues transgender individuals are facing  and gains an insight from Elko community leader Evi Buell. For the full 30 minute interview, click on the Elko Live podcast from

Mental Health Stigmas

Join host Lori Gilbert as she and guest Ester Qulici discuss mental health stigmas we face today locally and nationally.

Alcohol Awareness- Ester Qulici

Join Lori Gilbert and Ester Qulici, the Chief Executive Officer of VIPS and Vitality Unlimited; as they discuss Alcohol Awareness, what it means for Elko and more!

Wild Iris Yoga and Wellness

Join host Lori Gilbert as she discusses health and wellness with Jamie Mets, the President of board of Directors for Wild Iris Yoga and Wellness, and Mindy Watson, Yoga instructor and Fitness specialist.