Nevada National Guard – Nevadans Helping Nevadans

The Nevada National Guard is assisting statewide to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Lt. Colonel Michael Brodallo talks about the Nevada National Guard mission and invites residents to explore careers, training and opportunities that come with service. The Battle Born Youth Challenge Center will launch in Elko County in the spring of 2021 to provide 150 young men and women with the motivation to succeed.


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City Growth, Housing, Roads, Water & Sewer

Assistant City Manager Scott Wilkinson addresses a variety of topics related to growth, from shovel ready projects in advance of federal stimulus funds to developer demand for housing infrastructure. The city is poised to sell just over 15-acres to the VA for a Veterans Cemetery up North Fifth

NDOW Summer Safety

NDOW Conservation Educator Joe Doucette discusses summer safety, fishing, hiking and wildlife

Police Chief Update

City Police Chief Tyler Trouten provided an update on new laws and the likely impact to local government and services. He also spoke of the reality of serving in a county that favors an anti-government law enforcement stance toward federal agents and

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Governing Board Approves “Constitution County” Resolution

The Elko County Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution during the June 2, 2021 regular governing to join an anti-federal government sheriff’s group that declares local supremacy over the constitutionality of any law. The broadcast contains discussion by members of the board and public who support

GBC Summer/Fall Registration

GBC Dean of Health Sciences and Fine Arts Mary Doucette discussed vocational and technical programs for degrees and certificates offered through summer and fall semesters at Great Basin

Elko Area Chamber CEO

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Elko County Fire Protection Chief Matt Petersen discussed fire safety, equipment acquisition and ongoing expansion as the county prepares for wildland fire season during an extreme